The national annual demand for sugar is over 1,560,000 tons while domestic production is almost zero.

The Institute has:

  1. Released eight (8) new varieties of sugarcane in Nigeria, capable of reducing foreign spending on sugarcane imports.
  2. Fabricated ten (10) tons cane/day (10 tcd) Brown Sugar Processing Machine that is sited in the following places – Sara – Jigawa State, Kona-Mada, FCT-Abuja, Bida, Niger State, Ibba – River State, Omor in Anambra State, Bissara in Kaduna State, as well as supplying them with seed cane.  If widely adopted, the present over N30 billion being spent on importation of sugar will be reduced as the country is blessed with over 800,000 ha. of land suitable for sugarcane production in the country. 

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