Oilseed Crops:

National output of soybean increased from 160,000 metric tons in 1995 to 700,000 metric tons in 2010.  Ever since, there has been an increase in demand due to increased awareness as a result of NCRI extension activities.  Secondly, the Institute has released 8 new

varieties that are short – medium duration including TGX 1825 – 10E that is rust tolerant.

Beniseed production rose from 98,000 metric tons in 2000 to 140,000 metric tons in 2010.  During the period under review, the Institute released 4 varieties.  Increase in Production was due to awareness created by the Institute on the uses of Beniseed especially in Katsina, Bauchi and Plateau State.

The Institute has specifically:

  • Released fourteen (14) high yielding varieties of Soyabean and five (5) varieties of Beniseed (Sesame) to farmers in Nigeria.
  • Came up with both Soyabean and Beniseed improved production technologies.
  • Produced machines for cottage level beniseed oil extraction.
  • Processing Soya bean and Beniseed into various recipes that are of high nutritional quality viz – Soy-kunu, Soy-cheese, Soy-daddawa, Soymilk, Soya-snacks, Soya-soup, Soya-moin-moin, Soy-akara etc.
  • Developed simple technology for the dehauling and steaming beniseed for efficient oil extraction adaptable to house hold level.