This section is made up of two units under same umbrella just as the name implies i.e. Welfare and Training.


Issues having to do with welfare are directed to enhance and motivate staff of the institute (NCRI) all in times of needs and assistance to boost their performance. Therefore, welfare is mostly concerned with the following:-

-      Registering, Control and issuance of staff-bus to easy movement of both staff and children to and fro the town on daily bases with little charge fees of N500 for staff per month and N100 for children while it’s free for IT and NYSC staff.

-      IT Students period of stay ranges from 6 months to one year just as NYSC periods elapsed at a period of 9-10 months. Therefore, this unit is directly in charge of all welfare, request and accommodation of IT students and corps members (NYSC).  

-      Drafting of a comprehensive evaluative reports on the serving Corps and IT Students at the end of their programme.

-      Takes charge of staff quarters for accommodation.

-      Oversees staff welfare in times of chronic ill health and deaths.

-      Directly in charge of welfare for Official visitors to the institute.

-      New employee posting and transfer of existing staff as directed by the HOD or the management.

-      Coordination of activities of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for employee’s welfare on behalf of the institute.

-      And any other duties and responsibilities deem-fit by the management.



The training of human resource and development for the institute all are direct responsibilities of this section of Admin and Supplies Department. Therefore, training as a sub-unit embraces the followings:-

  • Ensures adequate posting of staff.
  • Create opportunities for on – the – job training and if need be sends them for training elsewhere.
  • Exposes newly employees to existing staff association and cooperative to boost their moral and performance e.g. ASURI, SSA, NASU etc.
  • Oversees the affairs of the institute staff clinic, canteen and guest house.
  • Identifies training needs of the institute and suitable institutions.
  • Preparation of training plans for the institute every year.
  • Implementation of approved training plans.
  • Bonding of staff on training.
  • Procurement of staff training document from reliable agents and embassy i.e. Passport or Visas.
  • Verification of acquired additional educational certificates of the employees.
  • And execution of any other duties assigned by the management.