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The training of human resource and development for the institute all are direct responsibilities of this section of Admin and Supplies Department. Therefore, training as a sub-unit embraces the followings:-

  • Ensures adequate posting of staff.
  • Create opportunities for on – the – job training and if need be sends them for training elsewhere.
  • Exposes newly employees to existing staff association and cooperative to boost their moral and performance e.g. ASURI, SSA, NASU etc.
  • Oversees the affairs of the institute staff clinic, canteen and guest house.
  • Identifies training needs of the institute and suitable institutions.
  • Preparation of training plans for the institute every year.
  • Implementation of approved training plans.
  • Bonding of staff on training.
  • Procurement of staff training document from reliable agents and embassy i.e. Passport or Visas.
  • Verification of acquired additional educational certificates of the employees.
  • And execution of any other duties assigned by the management. 

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