Open registry is all about information and record keeping and dispatching letters for smooth administration of the institute. This unit therefore generates and save records of each staff of the institute; serving and retired for reference purpose. These records are often referred to as mails which are saved in various categories of file and shelves or containers known as cabinets,

The records/file is often labeled using alphabetic and or alphanumeric style for easy identification and retrievals e.g. P2012/18. This section of Administrative Department is also in charge of preparation and procession of leaves of all kinds e.g. 

-      Maternity Leave  

-      Casual Leave

-      Sick Leave

-      Annual Leave

-      Sabbatical Leave

-      Study Leave

-      Prorate Leave

-      Compassionate leave

-      Pre-retirement leave

Indeed, open registry is headed by a senior staff/officer and assisted by a supervisor and other office clerks. The head of the open registry performs the following functions:-

-      Management and Control of the unit staff.

-      Serves as Secretary to some committee as assigned by the management.

-      Discharge duties and functions as assigned by the HOD and the management.

-      Reports any area of needs of the section to the HOD for further necessary action.

-      Pass comments and checks staff files when the need arises/demanded.

Other functions perform by this section includes the following:

-      Receipt of incoming mail

-      Indexing

-      Dispatch

-      File enclosure

-      File tracing

-      Receiving of mails before dispatch etc.

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