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  • Press Interview with Ag. Executive Director
  • NCRI Badeggi Fabricated Prototype Rice Wet Cleaner Machine
  • NCRI Badeggi Fabricated Rice Winnower Machine
  • Sugarcane Micro-propagation multiplication stage
  • Administrative Block
  • Sugarcane Micro-propagation initiation stage
  • The slider also supports touch gestures
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The National Cereals Research Institute (NCRI) Badeggi is one of the fifteen (15) commodities Agricultural Research Institute in Nigeria under  the aegis of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Institute was established by an Agricultural Research order of 1975 but has a long history dating back to 1898 when the first precursor of Department of Agriculture was established by the then British Colonial Administration as an observatory Botanical Garden in Lagos. The Department later metamorphosed in to the Federal Department of Agricultural Research, Moor plantation in 1954 and charged with the responsibility of conducting research on all agricultural crops and farming practices through out the Country...  Read more


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